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Swiftech Apogee GTZ LGA1156 Backplate ST-S1156-BP

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Brand: Swiftech

MPN: ST-S1156-BP

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's return to base

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Motherboard and CPU Compatibility
The Apogee™ GTZ is shipped with an Intel® Core™ 2 (socket 775) compatible hold-down plate and complies with socket 775 keep-out specification, thus guaranteeing compatibility with all socket 775 type motherboards.
Optional hold-down plates provide compatibility with the following platforms:
Part # Apogee-GTZ-Ci7-HD provides compatiblity with Intel® Core™ i7, and is fully compliant with the components keep-out specification. The kit is composed of a replacement hold-down plate for the water-block, and a motherboard back-plate needed for all socket 1366 desktop motherboards. Effective november 2009, the hold-down plate is replaced by the new GTZ-UHD hold down plate with elongated holes.
Apogee-GTZ-Ci7-HD - New part# GTZ-UHD-1366-BP
Part # GTZ-UHD-1156-BP is a combination of the new Universal Intel Hold-down plate (see below) and socket 1156 motherboard back-plate
Part # GTZ-UHD-1156-BP
Part # GTZ-UHD is a Universal hold-down plate for Intel® Core™ Desktop processors, providing compatibility with sockets LGA775, 1156 and 1366. It features elongated mounting holes that allow adjustments of the mounting screws to these platforms.
Part # GTZ-UHD
Part # S1366-BP is a motherboard back-plate for Socket LGA1366 platforms (Intel® Ci7)
Part # S1366-BP
Part # S1156-BP is a motherboard back-plate for Socket LGA1156 platforms (Intel® Ci7 and Ci5)
Part # S1156-BP
Part # S775-BP is a motherboard back-plate for Socket LGA775 platforms (Intel® Core™ 2)
Part # S775-BP
Part # Apogee-GTZ-1U-S-HD, is a multi-platform hold-down plate that provides compatibility with