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Cyberpower Online Series 6000Va/ 6000W Rack/ Tower Online Ups -(Ol6000Ert3Up)

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Brand: CyberPower

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CyberPower OL6000ERT3UP guarantees power backup protection for IT equipment, servers, workstations, NAS/Storage devices, telecom devices, networking devices, security/emergency systems, and surveillance systems. The UPS adopts double-conversion topology to provide high-quality power output with additional ECO Mode to conserve power and save on energy costs. This generator-compatible UPS features hot-swappable battery packs for maintenance without power interruption, and Emergency Power Off (EPO) switch to allow users to shut off UPS immediately during emergency. To extend battery lifetime, the UPS adopts Smart Battery Management (SBM) to enhance battery charging process and achieve a lower total cost of ownership. This model also features detachable LCD display panel to relocate the panel for convenient monitoring, and RJ11/RJ45 port to provide data line protection against surge and spike. The PowerPanel® Power Management Software allows user to perform real-time monitoring and remote management of the UPS.


  • Online (Double Conversion) UPS Topology
  • ECO Mode
  • Generator Compatible
  • Backfeed Protection Connector
  • Overload Protection
  • Maintenance Bypass Switch
  • Critical/Non-critical Load Outlets
  • Zero Transfer Time
  • Smart Battery Management (SBM)
  • Hot-swappable Batteries
  • Extended Battery Module (EBM)
  • Surge and Spike Protection
  • EMI and RFI Filtration
  • Phone/Fax/Modem/DSL/Network Protection
  • LCD Status Display
  • Detachable LCD Panel
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) Port
  • PowerPanel® Management Software
  • SNMP/HTTP Remote Management Capability (Optional)
  • Rack/Tower Convertible Configurations
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UPS Topology: Online Double Conversion
Energy Saving Technology: Online ECO Mode Efficiency > 95%
Active PFC Compatibility: Yes
Generator Compatibility: Yes
Nominal Input Voltage (Vac): 200/208/220/230/240 
Input Voltage Range (Vac): 180~280
Input Frequency (Hz): 50 ± 10 60 ± 10
Input Frequency Detection: Auto-sensing
Rated Input Current (A): 30
Input Power Factor: 0.99
Backfeed Protection Connector: Yes
Input Connector Type: Hardwire Terminal Block
Capacity (VA): 6000
Capacity (Watts): 6000
On Battery Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
On Battery Voltage(s) (Vac): 200 ± 2%/208 ± 2%/220 ± 2%/230 ± 2%/240 ± 2%
Output Voltage Setting: Configurable
On Battery Frequency (Hz): 50 ± 0.5% 60 ± 0.5%
Overload Protection: Internal Current Limiting, Circuit Breaker
Outlet(s) – Total: 11
Outlet Type: Hardwire Terminal Block x1/IEC C19 x 2/IEC C13 x8
Outlet(s) - Battery & Surge Protected: 11
Outlet(s) – Critical Load (CL): 6
Outlet(s) – Non –Critical Load (NCL): 5
Typical Transfer Time (ms): 0
Runtime at Half Load (min): 15
Runtime at Full Load (min): 5
Typical Recharge Time (Hours): 4
Start on Battery: Yes
Smart Battery Management (SBM): Yes
User-replaceable: Yes
Hot-swappable: Yes
Battery Type: Sealed Lead-acid
Replacement Battery Pack: RBP0073
RBP Qty (pcs): 2
Battery Qty (Each RBP) (pcs): 10
Battery Voltage (Each RBP) (V): 120
Single Battery Capacity (AH): 12V7AH
Extended Battery Module (EBM): BPE240V30ART3U
Max.EBM Qty: 10
GENERALUPS Topology: Online Double ConversionEnergy Saving Technology: Online ECO Mode Efficiency > 95%Active PFC Compatibility: YesINPUTGenerator Compatibility: YesNominal Input Voltage (Vac): 200/208/220/230/240 Input Voltage Range (Vac): 180~280Input Frequency (Hz): 50 ± 10 60 ± 10Input Frequency Detection: Auto-sensingRated Input Current (A): 30Input Power Factor: 0.99Backfeed Protection Connector: YesInput Connector Type: Hardwire Terminal BlockOUTPUTCapacity (VA): 6000Capacity (Watts): 6000On Battery Waveform: Pure Sine WaveOn Battery Voltage(s) (Vac): 200 ± 2%/208 ± 2%/220 ± 2%/230 ± 2%/240 ± 2%Output Voltage Setting: ConfigurableOn Battery Frequency (Hz): 50 ± 0.5% 60 ± 0.5%Overload Protection: Internal Current Limiting, Circuit BreakerOutlet(s) – Total: 11Outlet Type: Hardwire Terminal Block x1/IEC C19 x 2/IEC C13 x8Outlet(s) - Battery & Surge Protected: 11Outlet(s) – Critical Load (CL): 6Outlet(s) – Non –Critical Load (NCL): 5Typical Transfer Time (ms): 0BATTERYRuntime at Half Load (min): 15Runtime at Full Load (min): 5Typical Recharge Time (Hours): 4Start on Battery: YesSmart Battery Management (SBM): YesUser-replaceable: YesHot-swappable: YesBattery Type: Sealed Lead-acidReplacement Battery Pack: RBP0073RBP Qty (pcs): 2Battery Qty (Each RBP) (pcs): 10Battery Voltage (Each RBP) (V): 120Single Battery Capacity (AH): 12V7AHExtended Battery Module (EBM): BPE240V30ART3UMax.EBM Qty: 10