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J-mex Navii Blue 4-in-1 Dual Mode Airmouse For 2d (desktop)/ 3d (air Motion)

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Brand: J-mex

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4-in-1 Dual Mode Airmousefor 2D (Desktop) / 3D (Air motion)
4-in-1 Navii Airmouse
Motion Sensing Wireless Airmouse
(3D: Air Presention Pointer/Remote/Gaming/2D: Laser Mouse)
Navii Airmouse Introduction
Navii Airmouse adopted MEMS gyro motion sensing technology to detect hand wrist gesture motion for windows cursor trajectory control. The gyro is used to detect the yaw and pitch motion. What makes our airmouse stand out is its steady and smooth cursor trajectory. It does not drift with our fine tuned MCU program control as it matches the users' hand gesture.
JMEX offer the interactive 3D motion sensing modules for brands or selective partners as a virtual RD center. This is to create extra added-value and competency of customer's products. Not only standard or customized modules, but also system integration services we shall offer to shorten the time-to-market cooperative development schedule as a solution provider.
Airmouse Specification
  • Operating system: Windows, Linux base -Ubuntu, Linpus, Apple-Mac,?
  • Google-Android
  • Communication: Interface to PC/NB/STB/HMC with RF 2.4G Hz or BT
  • Dynamic Range: Yaw, Pitch and Roll motion: 0.1~300 Degree/s, 0.1~300 Degree/s, 0.1~180 Degree/s
  • Data Format: Mouse HID profile
  • Motion Detection Bandwidth (Hz): Yaw, Pitch and Roll motion: 5 Hz, 5 Hz, 5 Hz
  • Data Reporting Rate (RPS: Report Per Sec): Bluetooth: 100rps / RF: 120rps
  • Power Requirement: Voltage (V): 3.3V / Current (A): 30 mA (max)
  • 2D Mouse Resolution: 2D Optical / Laser resolution - 800 / 1600 dpi