mbeat® MB-STD-S2PGRY Stage S2 Hands-Free Mobile Stand GREY MB-STD-S2PGRY

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mbeat® MB-STD-S2PGRY Stage S2 Hands-Free Mobile Stand GREY

Compact and Durable
mbeat S2+ mobile stand is made with solid aluminium
alloy and equipped with anti-slip silicone pads to protect
your device from wear and tear. The durable material
and construction ensure that this stand can be used for
a long time.
Optimised Hands-free
Comfort mbeat S2+ hands-free mobile stand features
adjustable viewing angles and flexible height adjustment,
so you can use your phone or mini tablet comfortably for
prolonged periods of time. The robust hinges provide
reliable support and stability, allowing you to angle your
device as you need.
Space-saving Portability
This S2+ pocket-sized stand is designed to be collapsible
and foldable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.
The compact design takes up minimal space in your bag
or pocket, making it easily portable.
Organise Your Workspace
mbeat S2+ stand allows you to optimise your workspace
and use your phone or mini tablet at the optimal viewing
angle in either landscape or portrait mode. You can also
use it for charging, video streaming, making video calls
and more.
Multi-Device Compatibility
mbeat S2+ stand is compatible with all smartphones,
mini tablets and other handheld devices up to 10", so you
can use it with your device of choice.

• Material: Aluminium
• Product Dimensions: 107mm × 77mm × 27mm
• Product Weight: 97g
• Product Dimensions: 107mm × 77mm × 28mm
• Package Contents: Mobile stand

mbeat MB-STD-S2PGRY Stage S2 Hands-Free Mobile Stand GREY