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Olympus As-2400 Digital Transcription As-2400

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Brand: Olympus

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MPN: AS-2400

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AS-2400 Specification Sheet
Windows Mac
Software Version DSS Player Standard Transcription DSS Player V7 for Macintosh
Playback or transcription functions
Finish/Pending transcription *
Transcribe the next dictation *
Speed/Tone/Noise cancel/Volume control * *
Time stretch control * *
Playback level meter * *
Display of dictation properties and edit *
Real-time counter * *
Audio File Playback DS2/DSS/WAV/WMA/MP3 DS2/DSS/WMA/MP3/AIFF
DSS Pro non decryption playback * *
DSS Pro decryption playback * *
Pro R4 decryption playback * *
Set index mark * *
Operation via configurable hot keys * some
Main Window
Individual folder path setting * *
Renaming of folders * *
Creation of sub folders * *
Add text comments to Audio files *
Author ID setting by software * *
Upload audio files from PC to recorder * *
Automatic Start-up after device detection *
Drag & Drop of dictation * *
Individual file format conversion DSS / DS2 / WAV / WMA AIFF
Change dictation information from dictation list * *
Join dictations * *
Split dictation * *
Move dictations to Recycle Bin instead of deletion *
Synchronize DVR time with PC time * *
Resolve filename conflict while downloading Manual Auto
Refresh dictation list interval *
Automatic download of each folder at device plug-in * All
Automatic original file deletion after download * *
Open word processor at starting transcription *
Automatic new document creation at starting transcription *
Start voice recognition using Dragon Naturally Speaking
User settings
Font colour or background colour changing *
Assign hotkeys * some
Configurable footswitch pedal function * *
Auto backspace function * *
Winding speed settings *
Transcribe Bar Length/remain time indication * *
Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4
Windows XP Home edition Service Pack 2,3
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2,3 (32bit/64bit)
Windows Vista Home Basic, Service Pack 1 (32bit/64bit)
Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 1 (32bit/64bit)
Windows Vista Business, Service Pack 1 (32bit/64bit)
Windows Vista Enterprise, Service Pack 1 (32bit/64bit)
Windows Vista Ultimate, Service Pack 1 (32bit/64bit)
CPU: Windows 2000/XP: Intel Pentium III 500MHz processor or more
Windows Vista: Intel Pentium III 800MHz processor or more
RAM: Windows 2000/XP: 128MB or more (256MB or more recommended)
Windows Vista: 512MB or more (1GB or more recommended)
Hard drive space: Transcription Module: 70MB or more;
(700MB or more with Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 not installed)
Drive: CD or DVD drive
Display: 800 x 600 pixels or more, 65536 colours more (16.77 million colours or more recommended)
USB port: With the Transcription Module: One or more free ports available
Audio I/O terminals: With the Transcription Module: A Microsoft WDM- or MME-compliant and Windows-compatible sound device
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.3.9 - 10.5
CPU: Power PC G3 500MHz or more/Intel Core Sole/Duo 1.5GHz or more
RAM: 256MB or more (512MB or more is recommended)
Hard drive space: 200MB or more
Display: 1024 x 768 pixels or more, 32000 colours more
USB port: One or more free ports

The AS-2400 is compatible with DS, DM, WS, VN-3500PC and VN-5500PC recorders from Olympus to provide a complete transcription solution. Complete with footswitch, headset, and powerful software, the AS-2400 can easily be integrated into the workflow of any office system and significantly streamline data sharing and distribution of dictations between professionals, departments, and office locations.Compatible with Windows 8
⚫Includes DSS Standard Software,
⚫Transcribes .wma .wav .dss .ds2 mp3
⚫formats. Complete with Footswitch
⚫and Headset.
⚫Included RS-28 footswitch, E-102 headset and transcription software module
⚫Manages DSSPro, DSS, WAV, WMA, and MP3 audio files
⚫Individual sorting/organisation of dictations and documents
⚫DSS file management using separate folders
⚫Job status info (e.g. finished, pending, cancel job)
⚫Author ID setting by software
⚫Add new sub folders in dictation folder
⚫Use shared folder via LAN
⚫Noise cancellation
⚫Playback speed control
⚫Intro scan
⚫Automatic startup when recorder is connected