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3m 13.3" Wide Gold Privacy Filter 98044049637

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Brand: 3m

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3M 13.3" Wide Gold Privacy Filter (98044049637)
Product Guide:
Manufacturer: 3M
Type: Vision Add-Ons
• State-of-the-art gloss surface with a vibrant golden screen when viewed 30º from the side to keep your on-screen data private
• Protects LCD screens from fingerprints, dead pixels and scratches
• Offers 14% more clarity - the user sees no blurring or image distortion
• Reduces reflections
• Blocks up to 99.9% of ELF/VLF E-field radiation
• Attaches easily to screens with discreet tabs or self-adhesive pads
Product Specifications
Product 3M 13.3" Gold Frameless Privacy Filter
Screen Size Requirements 13.3" Widescreen
Filter Viewing Area (h x w) 17.93 x 28.66 cm
Filter Viewing Area (diagonal) 33.81 cm

The first privacy filter that reflects your style. From the pioneers of privacy comes the dawn of a new era in filter technology. Introducing 3M GOLD Privacy Filters. It's the bold new way to add privacy and personality to your computer notebook screen. Offering unmatched data protection and a gloss surface that actually increases clarity. 3M GOLD-privacy has never looked better.
⚫3M Gold Privacy filters provide twice the level of effective privacy protection and 14% higher clarity than standard black out privacy filters.
⚫User sees more clearly than ever while onlookers see nothing but a vibrant golden screen
⚫Keep confidential and private information private
⚫Protect fragile LCD screens from scratches and fingerprints
⚫Easy on easy off attachment system
⚫Filter stays in place even when computer is closed
⚫Helps protect the screen
⚫Films provide full surface adhesion
⚫Easy to attach and remove
⚫Residue-free removal
⚫Useable with stylus on resistive touch screens